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Have you ever slipped on your wifes panties or your girlfriends panties, they feel good don't they. How about had panty sex while you and your wife are both wearing panties or while you and your girlfriend are both wearing panties. Panty wearing husbands is for all men wearing panties, married panty wearing guys and single panty wearing men. You will be amazed at just how many other men wear panties, and also how many couples wear panties together.

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Found out my husband wears panties
I recently found my husband wearing panties , He had a large stash of panties some were even prettier than my panties. So I moved his stash of panties. Later on that week I saw that he was sort of puzzled and I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing. So another week goes buy and I can see that he is frustrated so I figure I better let him in on me knowing about him wearing panties. I went and got all the panties and dumped them onto the kitchen table and said I found these would you happen to know what this is all about. He confessed that he likes to wear panties, that he enjoys the smooth feeling of the fabric, the styles, and how they excite him. I did not react and just thought about it, I guess my husband wearing panties is not big deal at least he is not out cheating on me. Our sex life has been somewhat boring as of latley and to be honest finding out he wears panties excited me and since finding out he wears panties I have asked him to wear them and show me just how excited he gets, we have even had sex while both wearing panties. Communication is key, if you find out your husband wears panties don't freak out, find out why he enjoys wearing them and you might be surprised that its not such a big deal.

My husband wears panties
For me the problem was not my husband wearing panties, it was that he was hiding them from me, which creates a trust issue. I understand him hiding this from me not knowing how I would react. Once I did find out he was shocked that I did not mind him wearing panties but was more upset that he was hiding this from me.

Husband is a crossdreser
If your husband is a crossdresser, so what lots of men enjoy wearing panties and even lingerie. I've known and currently know a few crossdressing guys and they're just like the other guys I know, except that they enjoy wearing female clothes. The range of dressing is quite broad. Many crossdressers limit themselves to panties or lingerie. On the other hand, one of my friends often wears skirts and dresses. He doesn't wear wigs, makeup or pretend to have breasts, etc. Point is that husbands need to trust you enough to open up about wearing panties and be able to not fear telling you they enjoy wearing panties.

Husband likes to wear panties
Your husband wearing panties is a fetish, and most guys have some sort of fetish, he is not out sleeping with anyone or wanting to date a man, he loves panties, big deal, buy him more and embrace it. I bet at times he was to embarressed and ashamed to tell you huh, its okay I bet if you accept it yoru sex life will soar through the roof.

Husband admits to wearing panties
My husband admitted to wearing my panties for a long time now . He only really confessed because i confronted him about it. I told him that I am fine with him wearing panties, in fact he really looks good in panties. Men have nice legs and butts and panties really do look good on a man, ladies put your men in some panties and you will see just how sexy they look.

My husband wears panties
Most men who crossdress are heterosexual. If it bothers you talk to him about it and decide what you two can accept. If you don't want him wearing your panties, lingerie, etc would it be okay if he only wore his own collection of bras, lingerie panties, etc? Maybe you two can go lingerie shopping together. As to the why, he probably just enjoys how they feel. He probably isn't wanting to become a girl he is most likely just enjoying the girly feeling of wearing lingerie. He may also like that the lingerie belongs to you. Talk to your husband and remember that a lot of men do this and it only means that he likes lingerie, nothing else.

Caught husband wearing panties
Calm down, a man wearing panties is completely fine. I know guys who walk into Victoria Secret to buy panties for themselves and never give a second thought as to what other people's opinions might be. He's just exploring a different side of himself. You can try to express interest in it and find out the exact reason as to why he wants to. Let him know your ok with him wearing panties and that you want to see why he enjoys wearing panties so much.

Boyfriend wears panties
Alot of men find women's underwear far more comfortable. If you've ever worn men's underwater, you'll find the material is a lot heavier and coarser. This is more comfortable for some, alot less comfortable for others. Alot of men wear panties because its comfortable and enjoyable. It means absolutely nothing about his sexuality in itself.

Husband wears panties
I also have a husband who likes to wear panties. I will admit when i first found out that my husband wears panties it was a bit different to me. Over time i began to realize just how many guys wear panties. So i decided to use it to my advantage. My husband wears panties everyday, sometimes pantyhose and lingerie. I often make him sleep in pretty satin nighties and panties . I do often give him a really hard sound spanking . He has become a much better husband and much better lover since i took control and intensify his urges to wear gurly things. He will do what ever i ask when ever i say. I would suggest you give it a try and see where it takes you. I am sure he will love you for it.

What type of panties would you want your husband to wear?
I like my boyfriend wearing a bikini with a little lace.
I like my husband wearing a satin thong
I enjoy seeing my husband wearing sheer panties
I like my husband wearing a thong
I like my husband wearing lace panties
I enjoy my boyfriend wearing boyshorts
I like seeing my husband wearing bikini panties
I like my husband wearing nylon panties

My husband likes to wear panties
I found my husband in a thong last week, a very sexy one I might add. He bought panties at Victoria Secret for himself and he bought me matching. We enjoy wearing panties together its has really spiced up our sex life.

Wife likes husband wearing panties
My lady has me wear nylon panties all the time. She prefers this and so do I. The full brief nylon panties feel good and support the front well. She likes the nylon feel on me and there is room for expansion.

Husband enjoys wearing panties
Wearing panties does not mean hes bisexual or gay. You could see this as an opportunity to share with him any fantasies you have, that you might have been too embarassed to share before. So he gets to wear panties from time to time and you get whatever you want to try. You're pretty much guaranteed he'll say yes and won't think twice about it. You now know him more intimately so maybe its a chance to share some secrets and bring you closer together.

Crossdressing Husband
Most men who crossdress are heterosexual. If he likes wearing panties and you don't mind what's the big deal? Like everything else about your sex life this can remain secret. If he's buying you nice panties too I'd look at it as a good thing for you. Maybe you could offer to go with him to Victoria's Secret and help him get some other fun things you can both wear.

Wife asked me to wear her panties
My wife asked me to try her panties on in the bedroom quite some time ago, and it turned out to be a lot of fun for both of us! Actually, now I prefer certain styles of panties over much of the men's stuff I have, and she agrees, even to the point that she has bought me several pairs of my own, albeit they are simple styles in microfibre, with a bit of stretch to fit my junk. We haven't done the matching thing as of yet, but who knows.

Wife accepts me wearing panties
My wife knows I like the fit and feel of panties and she even helped pick some out. She just asks that they stay in the bedroom for private time which is reasonable to me.

Why does my husband wear panties
He might just find panties more comfortable than guy underwear. Women's panties tend to be softer and not as big as men's. It does not mean he is gay, just try to get used to it. After all, centuries ago, we all wore the same underwear.

Caught husband wearing panties
I came home the other day a little earlier than usual. My husband had been off all week and when i walked in he was decked out in panties and on the bed there was hundreds of panties.

Why husband wears panties
Don't worry, he is not gay. He just has a fetish for panties. Lots of men like wearing panties. They are very comfortable, fun, exciting and very taboo to wear. Look on the bright side, he is not cheating on you. I have been wearing panties for over 30 years and I am very straight and otherwise very manly. My wife likes them on me. At first she was a little unease with the fact that panties looked good on me, but now she is ok with it.

Husband wears panties
My answer would be turn him into a 24/7 pantyboy. You can seriously enjoy this ! He will adore you for it . Some men just need to be put in panties and spanked sometimes to help keep them in line. You should toss out all the mens underwear he has. You should lay his panties out for him everyday. Enjoy it you only live once. I do this to my husband and their ain't no way he has a gay bone in his body he worships me. These men really make better husbands and boyfriends and seem to be much better in the sack, and sometimes are content just getting a spanking sometimes.

Husband wearing panty
I know its a bit of a shock when you first discover your man wears panties but the truth is it is very common, I never have spanked him in panties but that sounds exciting I think I might try that tonight. I will make him wear a pink nightie with matching panties to bed and I just may have to do this spanking thing, if he wont let me i will tell him to get out of those panties. I bet he winds up sleeping in them though. You should just go with it, its not gay no matter what anyone may say.

Husband wearing panties
My straight husband of over 30 years from time to time will wear my panties, He doesnt act feminine in them. Its pretty common lots of guys wear panties.

Why do men wear panties
Wearing panties is a turn on. They are soft and silky, and feel sexy. Men are not suppose to wear women's underwear so it is taboo and that is exciting in itself. If you are ok with it, then let him be himself. If you want to take your relationship to a new level, take him shopping with you, but don't tell him where you are going. Take him to the womens underwear department and then tell him you want to get him some panties. After you buy some panties for him, go home and have him model them for you. Then have some hot and steamy sex. It will be the best you have had in quite a while.

Why husband wears panties
It's just a fetish, no reason why people have them, they just do. And, seriously, I can imagine a woman's soft silky panties feel a lot nicer than a man's cotton drawers.

Why do guys wear panties
Please understand that most men who like wearing panties or other types of women's clothes are heterosexual. It is impossible to say whether your girlfriend or wife would be accepting of your wearing panties since we don't know her. I'm sure you really want to tell someone that you like wearing panties. Many women think that men wearing panties is sexy or fun and then are some that do not.

My husband tried my panties
Lately, he had really shown an interest in what I would be wearing to the office each day with my skirt suits. One day I just called him on the mat and told him that I wanted him to try my panties, just for the wild idea of seeing if he would actually do it for me. I eased out of my panties and handed them over. He was hesitant at first but after some encourgement, he actually tried them. We giggled a bit at first, but that moment turned out to be a huge turn on for us both in a forbidden kind of way. Things got pretty steamy and I ended up late for work! I would like to have him try it again, and I am sure he will.

Husbands wearing panties
This is definitely becoming a trend in long term relationships where couples feel secure enough to play around with idea like this. I have actually encouraged my hubby to wear panties on a number of occasions and it can be pretty erotic letting him explore the forbidden sensation of wearing panties. Lots of women I know have let their hubby try thier panties on for this kind of thing. Let him explore and have fun!

Husband wore my panties
My husband used to wear my panties, he looked cute, sexy and the most important, he felt so comfortable and that would never been found in men briefs. It is a great experience to choose and pick panties with your loved one, or perheps, share or wear the same panties.

Why men wear panty
Why not a man should be able to wear panties if he wants to. Panties are very comfortable. When you wear a pair of nylon panties, your pants glide right over them, plus panties come in some many different styles and colors, I just love the variety in panties. Men's boring white cotton briefs or even boxers suck.

Guys wearing panties
This has definitely become very common these days in alot of relationships. Its totally normal and many women are actually encouaging it or accepting of it as part of the trend. Alot of my friends ask or encourage their husbands to wear their panties as part of spicing up their love lives (and Im talking about really good, normal husbands too!). I first asked my hubby to wear my panties a few years ago and hes been ok with wearing them ever since (for bedroom play only). And from what my friends tell me, most of their hubbys enjoy it too. I mean think about it, guys boxers and briefs are made of relatively boring styles and materials. Womens undies are much more enticing both as to how they look and the feel of the different materials they are made up of. Look at it as a sign of devotion, closeness or that your hubby is really into you. If you encourage it you can have alot of fun as part of this new and exciting trend!

Boyfriend wears panties
My boyfriend wears panties every day. I think it's wonderful. He has lace, frilly, thong, high cut, french, etc. He loves to wear them and I love it knowing that he is wearing them.

Husbands that like panties
I have been married for 2 years and my husband and I have a great marriage as well as being sexual. He told me a fetish that he had for a while but was afriad to tell me and he was him wearing panties. I thought it would be a new kink for us to try and we went to VS and got him a panty and thong and its hott and sexy to see him in them. He just wears them around the house or to bed for play when we have sex

Men wearing panties
Lots of men wear panties. They are sexy, a turn-on and can be very comfortable. If you are ok with it, embrace it and add a little spice to your relationship. Take your husband pantie shopping. It really can be a lot of fun. And by the way, he is not gay.

Husband tried on my panties
I told my husband once that I wanted him to try my panties on but I was only joking to see if he really would and he did. At first I thought it was funny and he did too. Then about a month later he put a pair on again for a second and it turned me on and we had the best sex.

Guys wearing panties
I've worn panties before. I love the feeling of them on my penis and balls. I love wearing thongs, g-strings, hipsters. But i'll wear the other kinds too. I've even worn panties that were soaked in womens juices.

Husbands wearing panties
Early in our relationship, my wife talked me into wearing her panties. At first it was exciting because it's taboo. Rather than visual, it became a tactile way to appreciate femininity. Then I realized certain styles and fabrics are more comfortable than guy's underwear. Now, heck it's simpler for the wife and I to share undergarments.

Girlfriend asked me to wear panties
My first experience with panties was when a former girlfriend asked me to wear them. I was hesitant at first, but when I saw how hot it was making her how could I say no. Even after that relationship ended, I continue to wear panties whenever possible. I am married now, and my wife knows about my fetish and also enjoys seeing me in panties.

Husband wore my thong
My hubby put on a pair of my thongs. It was a dare, he thought it was funny, I thought he looked HOT. He hasnt done it again. But when he says "I wear the pants" I say " Yea and the panties too"

Womans thoughts on men wearing panties
I have never had a boyfriend who liked women's lingerie, but I'm so liberal and open minded, i don't think I'd care. I prefer to date guys who are more in touch with there fem side anyway, so i doubt men wearing women's panties would bother me. I don't see what the big deal is, it's just clothing. It doesn't change the man on the inside. In fact, all the more power to whatever guy wears panties! It means they're comfortable enough with themselves, and confidence is sexy, regardless of what underwear they're wearing.

Husband wears panties
There is nothing wrong with men wearing panties and it absolutely does NOT mean he's gay. In fact, there are more straight men wearing panties than gay ones. You enjoy sexy panties and lingerie, do you not? He feels the same way, right? Does that not mean simply you have something in common? Enjoy, support him, love him, and share the world with him. You have so much more you can show him and share with him that most married couples. I think you are very lucky!

My husband wears panties
Seriously men wearing panties isn't about sexual orientation. many men wearing panties are straight. the question is can you live with that. Many couples have wonderful marriages and it spices up there sex life.

Men wearing womans panties
Most guys wearing panties are straight, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It is a harmless fetish and, if you can accommodate him this pleasure, without prejudice, I'm sure he'll reward you with even more attention.

Womens views on men wearing panties
I know some straight guys who love to wear panties, and believe me...they're STRAIGHT!. Communication is the key. I think it's pretty harmless. Why not, if it turns him on, and he has fun? Just talk to him and keep the communication flowing. i wouldn't worry about it. most men wearing panties are heterosexuals. on the bright side, at least you have more in common than most hetero couples. you're more likely to be able to get better gifts for each other.

What reasons do guys wear panties
Because it allows us to explore and enjoy the feminine side of our natures. It brings about an inner peace as well, a form of escape. Also the clothing looks so good and feels great.

Boyfriend wearing my panties
I convinced my boyfriend to wear my panties for fun...but, I ended up getting extremely turned on so we had sex while he was still wearing my panties. It was hot. He looked so He likes it, knowing that I love it. So, he said we definately were doing that again.

I like my husband wearing panties
My husband loves to wear panties and spend the day relaxing with me around the house. I love it, we get along, the sex is great & I enjoy having one of my girlfriends around the house.

How come guys wear panties
There are many different answers to this question. Most men do it for sexual stimulation. Men don't normally get to wear sexy clothing and it's a release to wear soft, silky pretty clothing. Some men just like the way the clothes look and feel.

Husband tried on panties
My husband has tired on a few panties and he didnt look to bad, he's thin build so he can pull it off. I was thinking making him dress up for a day or for halloween! I think it shows that he is man enought to try and shows that he has a softer side of him even thought he is my man!

Husband wears panties
underwear is underwear, just like a dress shirt is a dress shirt. as long as no one sees him in them, let him play. A lot of guys wear panties. It has nothing to do with his masculinity.

Husband enjoys wearing panties
You would be surprised at the number of men that wear panties. I don't think there is any harm in your husband wearing panties. As long as his panty wearing is just between you and him and it is not interfering in your daily lives it is okay.

More guys wear panties
I think you'd find guys trying on panties more common than you think. I read somewhere that 1 in 3 guys have tried on women's underwear.

What is it about panties? They're pieces of fabric, sewn together to cover a woman's bits. So tight, sexy, fem, frilly, everything about them is so sexy. Panties are form-fitting and tight, and feel so smooth. They are softer and nicer looking and I guess there is the danger of being caught and the forbidden aspect! All it took was trying a pair on once and hooked for life. The nylon feels so good you just can't go back.

Why do men wear panties
You have to admit, most of our panties are soft, comfy, and nicer looking than men's. I suppose too, if the panties are a little snug on him, they keep his dangly bits from bouncing around.

My husband wears panties
First off don't worry he is straight. Gay guys don't wont to look like women. If you open up your mind and consider the posibility of having a husband that likes to wear women's clothes its like getting a new girlfriend who already knows you. I think accepting your husband for who he is and the fact that he loves you and trusts you to know all of him will deepen your realationship and add a whole new dimension of fun. Go talk to your husband and love him.

My husband wears panties
If you can accept it, then embrace it as much as you can, you might find the change in him spices things up in your bedroom. But I think you might want to suggest that the two of you go shopping for some panties and pantyhose of his own, just so you can keep yours! Besides, taking him shopping with you for undies might be arousing for both of you, especially if you find some matching things.

Why men wear panties
The truth is, men sometimes like to dress like a female without it meaning they are homosexual or even bisexual. It is a fetish...a need. Some men are happy to do it in private some like to be out and proud.

Men crossdressing
I have recently heard about a lot of men who are straight and crossdressers. They just like to be feminine every once and awhile.

Guys wearing panties
I think some guys are just so fascinated with certain aspects of being feminine. Men are rarely able to feel sexy without some sort of ridicule. I'm sure most of us have secrets or fantasies that may seem strange to someone else. Men wearing panties should not upset you.

The Panty Fetish
What is it about panties that excites and arouses people with a panty fetish? I can?t speak for others so I will speak only for me and see if it resonates with others. What is it about panties that makes them a sexual turn-on for you?
For me, it goes back to the ads in the newspaper and looking at the woman in panties seemed so taboo but there they were right in front of me. I remember being amazed by the physical effect that looking at the pictures of women in panties had on my cock.Women in shiny panties were a frequent part of my fantasies.

Husband wears panties
When my wife and I first started getting serious about each other, I was honest and told her that I only wear panties. She was not bothered at all and in the last 5 years has bought me some herself. I think for all us guys who wear panties exclusively, but not other items of womens clothing, that it started as a fetish, but moved on to be comfort related. So as long as it is not going to ruin your marriage, relax and let him go for it.

Why men wear panties
Actually many men find the differences in fabrics, cuts and styles feel better. Is it a particular cut or fabric, example is he always wearing satin, lace thongs, or tangas, boy shorts, bikini briefs, you get the point... Lots of men find comfort in wearing the under garments of the opposite sex.

Husband wearing panties
Your husband might enjoy wearing panties for a number of different reasons. Maybe even that he finds it erotic to wear something you did. The overwhelming majority of men wearing panties are straight. They do it because they have a more pronounced feminine side then most men do. It is no more abnormal than being left-handed.

Husband has a thing for panties
I recently found out my husband seems to have a thing for panties. I am not sure what his fascination with them is , but I want to give it a go rather than be negative about it I have no idea what will come of it , I want to buy him lots of panties and have them laid out on the bed to see his reaction, I am pretty sure he wants to wear them.

Putting husband in panties
My husband is a 24 /7 panty wearer. Victorias secret has lots of panties that fit men great, just remember you kinda need to buy some with a full front panel like classic bikini high cuts and or briefs you can even find thongs that work well. Strings do not work be sure to get some really pretty ones , if you go to victorias just tell the girl you need some to fit him, most of the sales girls will have already dealt with this and have a knowledge of what fits a guy. Putting a hubby in panties is hot and gives you a new power and control in many other aspects. Enjoy it it is fun, satin panties feel so sweet on a man.

Women who like men in panties
Most of men´s underwear are boring and dull. I don´t see any convincing reason why men should be rejected to wear beautiful undies. Your man´s privates will not suffer from being in panties. Obviously the imagination to wear beautiful lingerie is a big turn-on for your husband. So, if you don´t really find it repulsive, give it a try ! There may be exciting adventures for you in the bedroom. Nobody will judge about what you are doing within your own four walls.

Crossdressing husband
I am crossdresser and my wife is very understanding and supportive. It is great to explore my inner feminine side, and she loves it. So wearing panties is not a problem for me, it is a necessity. Very often I buy them on my own, and from time time we go out shopping together. Meanwhile my drawer is matching hers.

Women like panty guys
Kudos to you for at least giving this a go to indulge your man! My better half actually was the instigator in our relationship and thought me wearing panties would spice up our sex life...she was right. I actually enjoy several styles and wear them frequently, not just to please her! She buys panties for me most of the time and occasionally we shop for them together. Most importantly for you, though, is to check out the styles he's looking at, if you can, so you have an idea what he likes. We've found that high-cut briefs or bikinis with ample material in front tend to fit me the best, just try to get him something with some stretch in it so it will fit all of him. I wouldn't recommend buying him too many pairs to start, just pick out a couple of things you and he would like. The most important thing we've found is pay attention to the rise of the panty (the measurement from the gusset seam in the front up to the waistband) I find that a panty with some lycra/spandex and a rise of anything more than 4"-5" usually fits all the parts, but that's me, your mileage may vary... Hope that helps...enjoy it...together!

Why men wear panties
It's not all that uncommon for straight men to enjoy the feel of sexy panties.

Boyfriend wears panties
I dated a guy once who like to wear womens panties and hosiery. Didn't bother me as it usually didn't stay on long and we usually had sex in the dark.

Hubands in panties
I have many friends who accept that their husband wears panties because they say he's a good and loving husband and they didn't marry a pair of pants.

Husband wearing panties
If it turns both of you on, run with it. My gosh people, there is nothing wrong with a little kink in a marriage. Sometimes things like that can spice it up for YEARS.

Why guys wear panties
Some guys also like the feel of the silk and satin against their skin, but they are too man to admit it. Have you ever noticed how many men like to dress up as a female at halloween, yes, well there you go. So relax as there are quite a few men who do it when their female partner is not home.

Caughty my husband wearing panties
I caught my husband wearing some of my panties, at first i was shocked, but then i was ok with it, id rather have him cheating on me with panties than have him looking for other women. i know he is totally straight, now i have total control over him. i would never tell anyone about him wearing panties, its our secret, i did have to tell a freind of mine because my hubby tucked his shirt into his panties one day and she noticed it, then she asked me about it. i really had no choice hubby doesn't know that she knows. he also dosnt know she picked out his last 2 panties. i do plan on telling him that she knows, i dont know how he will take it but im sure he dosnt want people knowing. sometimes i spank him in the panties and tell him how naughty he is, and sometimes i make him wear pantyhose to work with no panties. so i say to you pantyboy enjoy it your not hurting anyone, pantyhose were actually made for men way back when, and look how many women wear mens t shirts and dress manly and everyone is ok with it. a man wants to wear something pretty and right away we slam him and label him, after all ladies we wear sexy lingerie to make men drool over it, who were we to think he wouldnt try them on after we tease him with it so much. i have read that 9 out of 10 men actually tried panties on, and 5 out of 10 men do it often and only 1/2 of those men actually have the guts to admit it. I think all men should wear pretty panties. ladies have you ever run your hands over a excited man covered in silk panties? well you should its wonderfull and no man will last very long !!!

Husbands that like to wear their wife's panties
Just seeing if there are any other husbands that wears there wife's panties just for fun around the house or what not. My husband does it sometimes and its hott! He has a slender body so he looks good in a thong and bra when were messing around!

Husband wore my panties
It's a very common fetish in men...don't get too worried about it. It doesn't mean he's gay, or that he's perverted in some weird sense; he just has a thing for girls' panties. Guys and panties are kind of like women and purses (try to think about it that way).

Wearing womans panties
Women's panties is all I like to wear. I wear mostly boyshorts and hipsters, some bikinis at times. I really like putting on a fresh pair in the morning. I have some men's briefs and boxers, too, but I find women's panties to be far more comfortable, sensual, and just fit better. Men's have far too much material in the crotch and bunch up crazy.

Why guys wear panties
I have been wearing women's underwear since I was 14 or 15. I remember the first pair I tried on. They were too small and not that comfortable, but a total turn on. I felt super sexy in them. My mom found some in my room, washed them and put them in with my other underwear and never said a thing. My girlfriend in college didn't really care. We were the same size so I wore hers once in a while. She thought I looked cute in them. The attraction of wearing panties now is still the same. They are taboo for a man to wear. They feel good. I like how they look on me. I feel sexy in them. They make me feel good. There are new super stretch fabrics now and many panties fit a guy great. They are way more comfortable that men's briefs. They are way softer and light weight and breath. I love them and wear panties every chance I get. They are fun to wear. Anyway thats my perspective on it. If you had something that was fun to wear and made you feel good, wouldn't you wear it when ever you could?

Girl who likes guys in panties
Panties on men is a hot way to make him do what ever you wish when ever you want, Take control, buy him panties for everyday of the week, make sure he wears them 24/7 and gurly satin pjs to bed. then you will have him under your spell! Pantyboys are very very common and most of them just hide it even from the wives. they are very sexual . loving and caring to, don't be upset if panties get him up.

Do all men sniff dirty panties? My husband says all guys do it.
Actually pretty close to the truth...I try to catch a whiff every opportunity I get. You get great insight into the girl's character and personality via her feminine hygiene...This has been the case since panties were invented.

Many men enjoy wearing panties
The fact is that many men enjoy wearing panties and it nearly always has nothing at all to do with being homosexual. If you ask them, at least 9 times out of 10 they will tell you it's either because they find them comfortable or because it's erotic to them. It's a textile thing...the feel is sensual, erotic, enticing. It makes them feel good, physically. Some also feel it is like taking a little talisman, so to speak, a little piece of their wife/girlfriend with them all day long. It keeps their women on their mind throughout the day! That is not a bad thing! And it is normal, in that sex play or activities that are consensual and not harmful are definitely normal. There are more men in panties than you can probably fathom right now...and the vast majority of them are straight, and perfectly "normal"....although I find being normal to be overrated.

Why do men wear panties
It is completely normal. Think about it from his point of view. There is nothing sexier than a woman in panties. The sexier or slutty the better. So visually in our heads when we see a woman in these or even envision these things in our head it conjures up positive images.So by him wearing these it helps boost his self image. Be supportive and accept this. Maybe even buy him his own so he doesn't stretch out yours. But tell him he looks sexy in them and just be as supportive as you would want him to be of you. It has nothing to be with being gay.

Why guys wear panties
Men all over the world, in every walk of life, are wearing panties. It's a simple fact. They're not gay, they're not weird, and sometimes it isn't even sexual (though most often it is). It's a turn on, nothing wrong with that! Men tend to be more sexual than women, and they are all about the visual and the feel, where women are usually about the emotion. Men are tactile, women are more abstract. Generally speaking. So the bottom line is, if it feels good, they usually do it! It's nothing to worry about. My boyfriend put my panties on at my request one night, and he's worn them many times since. He likes the way they feel, and they feel good to me too (on him, if you know what I mean! hehe). He is totally straight, by the way. So don't worry about it. Have fun with it! Use it to add some spice to your sex life - we did!!

Boyfriend wearing panties
My current girlfriend whom i love very very much and plan to marry knows i like to wear them. One day she made me dress up as her hot secretary with panties, bra garter belt stockings high heels and business skirt. It was totally hot! she spanked me and called me a naughty girl. After that we went all night. So now we do that once a week and other times just regular old fun. Sometimes she makes me wear panties and stockings under my suit to work. I love her for it! we have so much fun! so you do what you want ! no one knows our secret and we have wild crazy you know what!

Guys wearing panties
It's not as uncommon as you think. It's just clothes and some guys like to wear them for a lot of the same reasons that girls do. For me, I just think they feel so great and I do like the look of a lot of the outfits even if they don't look that great on me.

Why guys wear panties
For some guys wearing womens panties is a turn on, I guess they want to know what it is like for a female. If it makes a women feel sexy, then maybe they want to feel sexy too.

What woman think about men wearing panties
You should not be worried. It may seem a bit unusual, but most men wearing panties are heterosexual men, and most reasons for guys wearing panties range from an interest in the variety of sensations provided by panties (face it, if it ain't cotton or something boring, men aren't supposed to wear it) to something a bit more hard to explain. A lot of it is probably fetishism as well, which is harmless in and of itself.

My husband wears panties
My husband wears panties, I think its loads of fun. He never has to hide anything from me, whatever he wants to experiment with I was game. Communicate and honestly are key and you will have a wonderful relationship.

Dressed My Husband In Panties
My husband had me dress him in my bra panties nylons skirt blouse heels etc, had me feel up his skirt and everything, he loved it. I liked it too. Of course your husband loved being dressed up as a girl, most guys do, but that doesn't make them gay or bi. You should not worry or be scared, your husband is just a normal guy who enjoys wearing panties. And since you enjoyed it and he loved it, just dress him up as a girl more and have fun, but take him shopping for his own clothes so he doesn't have to wear your clothes.

Putting your husband in panties
I have experienced putting my husband and old boyfriends in my sexy panties and hose. I have even bought some for them in the past. I do not think there is anything wrong with it. Especially if they are more attentive and concerned with your needs and desires.

What if your husband wanted to wear panties
If my boyfriend or husband wanted to wear panties I wouldn't care. It is only clothing that nobody will see. If it makes him happy, so be it. Would probably go and help him buy some. Married men wearing women's panties isn't that rare of a thing.

Masturbating with panties
Don't worry your just a normal guy. Just because you don't hear of other husbands masturbating with there wives panties does not mean that they are not doing it, surveys have shown that most men have a fascination with panties, either new or dirty, on or off a woman and yes some men wear them. There are many many others out there who use there wives or girlfriends panties. Most men do not let there wife or girlfriend know that they use there panties to masturbate with but there are some with wives or girlfriends who get turned on by there husband using there panties. So your not weird for masturbating with your wives panties, you will see that many many other men do this, panties are close to that certain female part that drives us men crazy, the sight, the smells and there are few men who would not go crazy for it, and when its not available the next best thing is a pair of panties with those scents on it. Keep masturbating with your wives panties, it a normal thing.

Husband masturbating with my panties
My husband has been doing this for years and I have no problem with it at all, in fact sometimes when I am not in the mood I will slide my panties off and toss them to him and tell him to enjoy them.

Why do guys wear panties
It's going to differ from person to person. For some it's a sexual fetish in which wearing the clothes is sexually stimulating. For some it's a way of expressing the feminine aspects of their personality. For some it's the lure of the taboo. Some are very sensual, and are attracted to the look and feel of the clothes, not because they're women's clothes, but because they're soft and brightly colored and come in attractive prints and patterns. I suspect that most of the time it's for the purpose of expressing the feminine parts of their personality that aren't given release in other situations. Men wearing panties is perfectly normal, so embrace it.

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