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Have you ever slipped on your wifes panties or your girlfriends panties, they feel good don't they. How about had panty sex while you and your wife are both wearing panties or while you and your girlfriend are both wearing panties. Panty wearing husbands is for all men wearing panties, married panty wearing guys and single panty wearing men. You will be amazed at just how many other men wear panties, and also how many couples wear panties together.

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Title: Teasing

I was talking to a girl friend (about age 22) of our son's yesterday about how many babies are now born to single mothers. She's a pretty conservative girl and not at all a show-off. As a matter of fact, anytime I've ever seen her panties is when they peek up over her jeans a bit and she usually pushes them back down quickly or turns away so they can't be seen for long. Anyway, the subject switched to promiscuity and how that can get you in trouble as she mentioned something she saw her neice doing recently.
She said her niece, a girl a bit younger than driving age, was wearing a very short pleated flirt skirt that is popular these days with the young girls (lucky young guys, I say!). She was telling me the skirt was "disgusting" as it was "only about 4 inches or so from her butt-cheeks". By this point I was getting pretty excited and wanted to hear what she had done that was so promisuous and disgusting! She went on to tell me her neice was teasing her cousin with her skirt, a guy about the same age, by going around the house constantly bending over at the waist. She'd go up to the TV and bend over to pick up a DVD. Then she'd go over to the floor next to the couch and bend over to pick up a magazine. She also saw her reach high up and get a bowl out of the cupboard. I finally asked her what she was wearing as she wasn't volunteering that info. She was wearing panties, she said, but you could see everything. She was clearly doing this in front of her cousin to tease him.

She said she took her neice off to the side and scolded her about what she was doing and how this kind of thing can get a girl in trouble. I should've asked her what the guy was doing during all this but I didn't. I assumed he was enjoying every minute of it. I wish I had had a niece like this! Somehow she said she got him to go to his room (I don't know how or why a guy of 15 would have to go to his room, but he went in there anyway). After a while later she said she noticed out the window that her neice was now out in the front yard in front of his bedroom window. There she was twirling around in her little skirt and continuing to bend over so he could see her panties! Her cousin was in his room watching it all. My son's friend said she went into his bedroom and told him to close the blinds.

Anyway, I thought that was all pretty exciting stuff, especially for the cousin, but also for the neice as she must've been in one horny little teasey mood!! While she was telling me this story I actually thought of you guys here on this site who love to sniff panties. I thought of how wet and fragrant her little panties must've been!! I'm not really into the sniffing (for some reason it just generally doesn't turn me on) but I knew that this would've been one great set of panties for some guy who is!

I told my son's friend that I always thought it was kind of neat how a girl can turn on a guy so easily simply by flashing her panties at him. Guy's are so visual and we are so quick to react to this kind of thing. I was hoping to take the conversation to another level with her but it never quite got there. I also tried to tell her that I think trying to stop the girl from teasing and the guy from looking just wasn't going to work. I thought it was innocent fun on her part. I asked and she said she'd never seen her niece do anything like this before. I also mentioned that her niece might see panties as just another piece of material like a bathing suit or something (although doubtful from the teasing way she was acting). I also said that from the guy's point of view it's kind of funny but that when it's panties it's exciting to see, but if it were to be revealed as just a bathing suit bottom it suddenly loses all it's excitement! She was floored by that.

One quick thing occurred before she left that I thought interesting although most likely purely an accident. The girl always wears blue-jeans. I've told her she should wear a skirt now and then (she'd look great). Anyway, she was on the floor doing something and reached out and away from me for something pulling up her shirt over the top of her jeans. This time I saw more of her panties than ever before. I've never seen them that high. There was a good 4 inches, well past the laceyness and into the white cotton. She then did her usual turn away and nonchalantly pushed them down and pulled up her jeans as she usually does.

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