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Have you ever slipped on your wifes panties or your girlfriends panties, they feel good don't they. How about had panty sex while you and your wife are both wearing panties or while you and your girlfriend are both wearing panties. Panty wearing husbands is for all men wearing panties, married panty wearing guys and single panty wearing men. You will be amazed at just how many other men wear panties, and also how many couples wear panties together.

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Title: Undies Treasures

I've had a penchant towards female underwear from my earliest sexual awakening, but what got me into it big-time was my Mother-in-Law to be. She had given birth to my then fiancee at the tender age of 18 and at the time I'm going to describe, she was still a very attractive woman of 32. Married life for her, however, was very brief when she was widowed at a young age. To keep the wolf from the door she worked all hours - in a grocery shop all day, then several evenings a week as a barmaid in a local boozer. However, she never let herself go, was always immaculately turned out and had a pair of tits to die for. The situation between my wife-to-be and myself was slightly strange in that I was a grammar school boy and she had been to secondary modern. So although I was almost 2 years older, she was working while I was still in sixth form. She also had very firm opinions regarding full scale fucking before marriage so although I had full visiting rights regarding getting her tits out and the odd fumble in her panties, all my spunking had to be achieved by hand - my hand! To aid in that task, I had somehow managed to filch a pair of her panties and they often wrapped around my stiffie and gave that extra oomph to a solid masturbation session. Then I hit the jackpot! The firm my fiancee worked for had a desperate worker shortage at an office about 15 miles away and my wife-to-be had to go over there 3 days a week. To get home she had to wait for a late bus and didn't get back until about 9.30. The firm were very good about it, not only paying her fares but letting her do 2 hours overtime every evening - the cash being most welcome. Now, as it happened, 2 of the days she worked late were nights when future Ma-in-Law worked in the bar. I couldn't believe my luck when mum gave me a key and asked me to get my get fiancee's supper on for the evenings she was late. I couldn't wait to get loose in their house and sample the delights of the 2 female boudoirs. They couldn't have been more dissimilar. My betrothed was disgustingly immaculate, a place for everything and everything in its place. Very dangerous to be too careless in undie disturbance. On the other hand, Ma-in-Law was the most untidy female I have ever comer across - considering her care in appearance. When I first entered the holy-of-holies that was her bedroom I was staggered. There were clothes strewn everywhere! The first thing one noticed was skirts, dresses, blouses etc. but then I realised it was Alladin's cave. There were slips, bras, panties, stockings and suspender belts littered around the room. In no time I'd scooped up panties, stockings and a sussie belt and leapt into the bathroom. I stripped naked and got into a pair of stockings and a suspender belt. I realised I had 4 pairs of panties in my swag so pulled on the flimsiest, laciest dark blue pair, struggling to get my rock hard cock inside the waist band. I took another (red) pair and held them to my face. The effect was stunning and without warning I was spunking into Ma-in-Laws panties - and I hadn't even touched my dick! For a moment I was mortified, how could I possibly disguise the spunk covered panties? But I quickly got a grip and reasoned I could wash them through, dry them in front of the fire (bride-to-be was still 2 hours away) and put them back safely. This I did, and now sure I was in control, put on another pair of panties and started examing her dresser drawers. To my delight there was no sign of any organisation in there either.Just a cornucopia of lots and lots of female undies. Bras, sussies and panties were stuffed in willy nilly. One drawer was almost full of what seemed to be odd stockings (tights were not yet in vogue). I had to have a proper wank, of course, and this time carefully avoided shooting into her undies (but it was tempting!). It was one of the best wanks ever. Looking at myself in her full-length mirror, standing in stockings, a slip I'd pulled on held up to the waist, my cock jutting out of her red panties, neatly framed by stocking tops and suspender straps. Around my prick went another pair of her knickers and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven as I pumped another massive load of cum into a handy tissue (that she had used to blot her lipstick). Too soon, it all had to come off, and the now dry spunk-target casually thrown back on the chair it had come from. I got herself's supper done and had brownie points galore when she walked in. Life just couldn't get better - but it did! I always made a point of going around as early as possible, sometimes rewarded by catching Ma-in-Law still getting dressed. Twice catching her straightening stockings and once in a half slip and a bra. I was in tranny heaven, of course, and must have tried just about every piece of underwear she had. She was a frilly shopaholic, and there seemed to be no end to fresh thrills (and frills) for me to enjoy. I always enjoyed at least 2 wanks an evening and got more and more daring in experimentation. I took to wearing bras and basques - the tit-cups stuffed with stockings. I got myself a couple of pairs of 3 inch heels and a wig from a theatrical supplier's catalogue. I even messed about with her make-up and got so good I could even fancy myself! One wanking trick I enjoyed was to paint around my cock with lipstick and then toss off to fantasies of the lipstick coming from her mouth as she sucked me. Sometimes I'd take the lipstick she was using from the bathroom and paint my knobend with it, oozing a little pre-cum onto the greasy surface, then enjoy the idea of her putting it to her mouth. I was also getting very efficient at enjoying an early wank, spunking on her things, then getting them washed and replaced in good time. One of my kinks was to shoot into bra cups, then imagine pushing them onto her lovely tits and smearing my spunk over her nipples. And.of course, in my mind I shagged her a hundred times. I came to realise she hadn't a clue what underwear she had, or where it was, and I took to sneaking off some of her things to enjoy at home. At first I'd return things, but then started keeping some - especially stuff from the back of her dresser drawers. Stockings were a never ending supply - I figure she rarely wore the same pair twice, just washed them and threw them in the drawer. I had a good 4 dozen pairs of those in every shade and denier. Although I didn't dare do it to school, I took to wearing her undies under my street clothes at every opportunity - something I did for years - and still do! (although her things are now long gone). One thrill sticks in my mind. One evening I found a paper bag with 3 new pairs of panties in. Once dressed in her used undies, I lovingly stroked my knob end with the crotch of each pair, horny at the thought they would soon be rubbing against her cunt. Next week after a quick search, I found two of the pairs again. Sure enough, she'd worn them! One pair went on, the other pair got a good spunking over. All good things come to an end, of course, and eventually my wife-to-be returned to her home office and my unbridled run at her mum's panties was severely curtailed. Not that I didn't take every opportunity to raid her undies, but I never again had hours to indulge my cock in long wanks in her bedroom, dressed in her slips, nightdresses, skirts and tops. I did have one stroke of genius. I bought them an Ali-Baba laundry basket, so big the only place for it was the bathroom. Now I could have a quick wank with Ma's freshly worn stuff!

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