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Have you ever slipped on your wifes panties or your girlfriends panties, they feel good don't they. How about had panty sex while you and your wife are both wearing panties or while you and your girlfriend are both wearing panties. Panty wearing husbands is for all men wearing panties, married panty wearing guys and single panty wearing men. You will be amazed at just how many other men wear panties, and also how many couples wear panties together.

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Title: What A Wife

As my husband and I lay in each others arms, our pink, lipsticked lips brushing each other, our white, see through bra encased breasts gently touching, his pantie encased dick snuggled against my pantie encased pubic mound, I could hardly believe what had taken place. I had experienced the best, most sensual, sexual experience that I had ever had, and, in a real sense, had experienced it as a woman would with another woman. My head was still spinning as I gazed at my husbands feminine face framed by the beautiful blonde wig I had put on him. It was hard to believe, but with the make up, hair, and the white see-through neglige, he was actually beautiful. I never in my wildest dreams have ever believed he could be so beautiful. It was like I fell in love with him all over again, but as a woman this time. I could not believe how I was feeling about that, either. I had always been able to appreciate the beauty of other women but had never found myself attracted to them sexually. But, lieing here next to my feminine lover, I had the strongest feelings of love, and they were totally feminine in nature. I had always been attracted to my husbands manliness and sense of masculine strength and when we made love had always felt and enjoyed the contrast of male to female, of his hardness to my softness, his hard-on to my soft womb, and the sense of being filled up inside by him, both when he was penetrating my pussy or my mouth. As I lay here mulling over these things, I began to think about some of the possibilities tonights adventure had opened, possibilities in the expoloration of our relationship with each other and of the sexual delights that we might be able to experience.
I looked into John's beautifuly colored eyes and observed the glazed, contented look that they contained. "Honey," I said, "How do you feel about what happened tonight?' "Well," he replied, "I definitely feel that I got what I asked for for my birthday, an unforgetable sex session." "How did you feel while I was shaving you and feminizing you with perfume and lingerie and everything?" "To tell the truth, it was the most erotic experience that I have ever had. I was on the verge of coming the whole time, especially when you started pinching my nipples through this bra. I've never even thought of the sexual act from your perspective. I know that the things I do to you you seem to enjoy and I enjoy doing them because they feel good to me, too. But the feelings of being a woman and experiencing the act from a woman's perspective was just overwhelming. I honestly felt like I was in a woman's body instead of my own, and at the same time was on the point of bursting from my own need to climax. It couldn't have been any better if I had planned this myself, and I couldn't have because something like this has never even crossed my mind. I think the one thing that was the most incredible was the sense of being on the receiving end of the sex act. I always feel as if I am the one doing something to you, but tonight I felt like the wife, and like I was the one being penetrated. It was an incredible experience."

He leaned in and kissed me and I could feel the soft slickness of our lipstick coated lips as they pressed together. I ran my hand up his nylon encased legs and felt him slightly tremble. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing" he said "It's just that that feels incredible on my legs through these nylons. I've always known that your legs in nylons felt great to my touch but I had no idea what it felt like to you." I smiled and ran my hand across his chest, pinching a nipple. It started to harden again as they had earlier when I had done the same. An idea started forming in my mind. I wondered if I dared and whether he would go for it or not. Deciding not to share what I was thinking with him, I kissed his pink lips again and said "Let's get some sleep, shall we?" He started to get out of bed and I asked him where he was going. "To get out of these things and wash my face" he replied. "Why don't you just leave them on tonight? I said. "They are comfortable enough, aren't they?" "It's not that they aren't comfortable," he said "but that I don't know if I can get any sleep with them on." and with that looked down at his panties encased dick which had gotten completely hard again."

"Oh, I think we can take care of that, don't you?" I asked, and pulled her, I mean him, back onto the bed. "But it's going to cost you" and pushing her down, I walked my way up her negligee cover chest until my pantie encased pussy was over her mouth. "Eat up now, it's getting on time to close" I joked as I pushed my mound into his lipsticked mouth. He started licking my pantie encased slit as I rocked gently back and forth. I reached back and ran my hand along her pantie encased dick and smoothed the shear fabric over it. I felt her tremble under me and knew that we were back into our muse. She reached up and slid my panties to the side and once again began servicing me, making her tounge hard and reaching far up into me, curling the tip and massaging my clitoris. I took it as long as I could stand it and then slid back until my pussy was rubbing his engorged cock. Sliding his panties to the side, I gently and slowly slid him into me. I looked into his face. His eyes were glazed over and his mouth was open and he was breathing in short gasps. I got him into me and looked down. What I saw sent shivers coursing over me. I told him to look and when he did he got the funniest expression on his face. You could not see his dick, only the upper portions of two beautiful women, joined at the pubic area. I could see her beautiful blonde hair, her perfectly framed faced enhanced by the make up and lipstick, her pink tongue sticking ever so slightly out of her perfect, pink lips, her gently uplifted, but small, breasts encased in the see through bra and shimmering under the flimsy baby doll and outer see through shell. This sight culminated in the sight of our pantie clad pelvic areas.

I said "If you don't mind, I don't want to forget this sight." and I reached over onto the nightstand and grabbed our digital camera. "Oh, I don't know" he said, "I wouldn't want anyone to see this." "Don't worry, no one but us will" I said "but even if they did, they would just see two beautiful lesbians making gorgeous love" teasingly. I turned the movie mode on and turned on the camera, pointing it at her beautiful face and panning it down slowly to our pantie encased midsections. I had him lick his lips seductively while I filmed him and slowly gyrated on him. "Now, I want you to imagine that I am the one with the dick and that I am penetrating you" I said. "Can you feel that?" and I moved up and down on him. He closed his eyes and moaned "Oh yes" and pushed her dick farther up into me. I pictured us on each end of a two ended dildo and moaned myself. "Do you feel my dick shoving up into your vagina, sliding in and out, in and out?" I moaned as we shoved into each other.

"Take it all, take in in your pussy and take it in your mouth." and with that I set the camera, still running, on the nightstand, pointed at our nylon covered bodies, and laid down on her, kissing her beautiful lips and, making my tongue as hard and round as I could, I started thrusting it into his mouth as far as I possibly could. He received my hard, round, tongue and started sucking it for all he was worth, at the same time thrusting his hips up into mine. I pictured him as being me and me him and I met every thrust with a counter thrust. I reached under us and started pushing my middle finger as far up his rectum as I could reach. Just as I started fingering him, he reached up and started doing the same to me, pushing as far in as he could, and then pulling back out part way and then back in, fuck my ass with his digit. I returned the favor and just as I realized that I couldn't take it any more, he arched his back and cried out, thrusting his pelvis off the bed, lifting us both into the air, his butt cheeks and anus clenching my finger. I felt the fluids from her penis flooding my womb and I released just then, filling her up with my cum, feeling my penis bursting inside of him, her, and I screamed "Oh yes!!!" as I gasped for breath, and dove back into his mouth with my tongue, trying to reach his tonsils. He sucked, and quivered and wimpered like a little girl, my little girl, and started to collapse back onto the bed. I gave his mouth a quick swab with my tongue, pulling out and licking his pink lips and pushing lovingly with my pelvis against his now spent dick.

"Now we can get some sleep" I murmerd, flush with sexual exitement. "I don't know if I'll ever wake up, and don't know if I want to if this is a wet dream." "This is not a wet dream, my sexy girl lover and you are definitely going to want to wake up tomorrow. This is giving me some fun ideas." "They can't get any better than this" he said as he laid back, the smell of sex and perfume drifting off of him." "Oh, I don't know about that" I said grinning, as I reached over and turned off the camera and the light beside the bed. "We've got a lot of years of marriage left" I said and we both snuggled into our pillows with contented sighs and I drifted off to sleep, thinking of fun days and nights ahead.

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