Panty Wearing Husbands

Have you ever slipped on your wifes panties or your girlfriends panties, they feel good don't they. How about had panty sex while you and your wife are both wearing panties or while you and your girlfriend are both wearing panties. Panty wearing husbands is for all men wearing panties, married panty wearing guys and single panty wearing men. You will be amazed at just how many other men wear panties, and also how many couples wear panties together.

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Title: Repair Man

My folks were gone for the day when I was 16 or so. I took the opportunity to dress up in my mom's limgerie as I often did. I didn't know they haad given the key to furnace repair man who caught me. I looked in the mirror while rubbing myself thru mom's black satin panties and he was looking at me thru the basement door. His pants unzipped and the biggest cock I had ever seen throbbing in his hand.

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