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Have you ever slipped on your wifes panties or your girlfriends panties, they feel good don't they. How about had panty sex while you and your wife are both wearing panties or while you and your girlfriend are both wearing panties. Panty wearing husbands is for all men wearing panties, married panty wearing guys and single panty wearing men. You will be amazed at just how many other men wear panties, and also how many couples wear panties together.

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Title: Dedicated To Pantyhose

I've had several public pantyhose encounters. One was when I was trying on a pair of pantyhose in a store that I had just bought. There was no door, only a curtain that pulled closed. Just when I had the pantyhose half on a woman opened the curtain. I was half naked and the other half in pantyhose. She stood there staring at me and my pantyhose and finally said, "I'm sorry. I said, "That's okay."
Another time a small girl noticed I was wearing pantyhose under my shorts and told her mother, "He's wearing pantyhose." Her mother said, "Some men do."

It's always been a turn-on to see women in pantyhose. I told a salesgirl that I think women look good in pantyhose. She said she was going to buy her some and start wearing them. There's nothing that impresses me more than when I see a girl wearing pantyhose.

I have really enjoyed pantyhose since the first time I tried a pair of mother's. Every day I wear pantyhose under my pants or under my shorts. It got to be fun when I started wearing them in public, mainly in malls. I'm used to having them on and don't like being without them. They have become a part of me.

Once I went three days without pantyhose. It was then I realized my true love for them. Since then I have never went another day without wearing pantyhose and have even begun to sleep in them. One night I was having trouble sleeping. I put on a pair of pantyhose and then got a good night's sleep.

I encourage everyone who has not tried them to experience the great pleasure that pantyhose can give you.

I want to confess just how much I love pantyhose. As I sit here in my soft, silky sheers, my feelings of love is bursting out for my pantyhose. I declare my love for pantyhose. I will never lose my intimate passion I have for them.

If I could talk with pantyhose, I would say: Pantyhose, I love you with all my heart.

It may sound strange to say and admit but pantyhose is one of my favorite things in the world. They are the most comfortable thing you can wear and they give me so much pleasure. I dedicate my life to pantyhose.

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