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Have you ever slipped on your wifes panties or your girlfriends panties, they feel good don't they. How about had panty sex while you and your wife are both wearing panties or while you and your girlfriend are both wearing panties. Panty wearing husbands is for all men wearing panties, married panty wearing guys and single panty wearing men. You will be amazed at just how many other men wear panties, and also how many couples wear panties together.

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Title: Aunties Panties

As a young child 4 or 5 I was on vacation with my parents. We were staying with my aunt and uncle when I became ill. After soiling all of my underpants my aunt had me put hers on. At first I refused but there was no alternative at the cabin we had rented so I wore her panties. My mom and her sister thought I looked so cute in them they took photos. My dad and uncle were to involved with fishing to even notice me. After this first encounter with panties I would wear them whenever possible. My mom soon found out my panty lust as I was hiding them under my bed. I soon found brand new pantys my size in various colars in my dresser. She told me they are yours and stop taking hers and my sisters and cousins pantys. My mom has never thought twice about me wearing pantys but my dad had no clue until I was 19 and moved out. He has came to accept it now.

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