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Have you ever slipped on your wifes panties or your girlfriends panties, they feel good don't they. How about had panty sex while you and your wife are both wearing panties or while you and your girlfriend are both wearing panties. Panty wearing husbands is for all men wearing panties, married panty wearing guys and single panty wearing men. You will be amazed at just how many other men wear panties, and also how many couples wear panties together.

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Title: How It Came About

Allow me to give a history of how I came about having a panty fetish.
One of my earliest memories began when I was in college (14 years ago). Myself and a couple of friends were watching Spike Lee's "She's Gotta Have It" and the one scene I remember was when main character Nola's boyfriend Jamie bent her over her bed, hiked up her nightshirt, forced down her panties and gave it to her from behind. To this day, I still find that a hot scene (an honorable mention goes to when Spike Lee is in bed with her and is wearing her briefs over his head, calling himself "Pantyman"--he is wearing them on his head a good three minutes). That was just the beginning.

Two years later, I was perusing an issue of Players Magazine and a see a pic of a woman's butt in tight pink striped cotton panties with her dress lifted up and--I never saw the woman's face, but that pic was the ultimate catalyst for my panty fetish, and to this day, I have a major thing for seeing a woman's butt in tight panties. As it turned out, the woman in the pic was porn star Lady Stephanie, a black porn star from the 80s and early 90s.

Shortly after that, I saw a late night Cinemax soft-porn foreign flick (that I am still trying to find to this day), that had a scene involving a woman (rich bored stuck-up wife) assaulting herself in a movie theater restroom and falsely telling police she was abused--a movie theater janitor saw the whole act and threatened to turn her in. She tried to bribe him with some money, but it wasn't enough--he took her to the same restroom (it was closed that day), he bent her over the sink, hiked her skirt up slowly to reveal her black panties and suddenly yanked them down, revealing her butt. He then gave it to her from behind while she was "kissing" the mirror, leaving lipstick prints on it. This and the aforementioned paragraph sealed the deal on my panty fetish.

Throughout most of the 90s, I was indifferent to what kind of panties a woman wore, if any at all. However, I was slowly beginning to become more and more partial to fullback panties, in part because of the pic that is forever etched into my brain, and in part because thongs and g-strings were becoming more and more commonplace, pretty much killing the sexy novelty aspect of the garment (I do like thongs on a woman, if they are worn on special occasions).

By 1996 I pretty much favored cotton panties (preferably white) over any other type of panty (although as long as it was a fullback, I was happy). I joined my first video rental club which had a large adult section and my very first video I ever rented was Woodburn's Inner-City Black Cheerleader Search 2. There was a scene with Tom Byron and a black girl billed as Terri (I think her actual stage name was Brooke Harlow--a dark skinned chick with blonde stringy hair). Anyhow, I began to realize how much I liked how Tom would handle the cheerleaders in the series, and yes, he is a pantyman and a "gussetsniffer" who loved grinding, sniffing, and kissing women's butts through tight cotton panties. Anyhow, in this flick, he was spanking Brooke while she was in her panties and was grinding his johnson up against her butt. And I was spanking my monkey, to this day I still find that a hot scene--I remember I must have rewound that spanking--which lasted at least 5-7 minutes on that part of the scene alone, at least 25 times, it was that good. The only thing I wish Tom would have done was to rip apart that chick's panties and I would have been in panty heaven-- Anyhow, they got down to the vanilla sex and then he gave her a good anal and topped it off with one of the most intense jizz shots I have ever seen in my life (his jizz shots I have later found out were intense to begin with, particularly after his johnson has been in some hot black chick's butt), but I digress. That was followed with me busting the most intense nut I have ever had in my life.

That one scene made me a die-hard Black Cheerleader fan. Seeing pretty black girls in short skirts and tight cotton panties (and anticipating them getting an intense anal), drove me into a raging hard-on at the mere thought. BTW, Tom Byron appeared several more times throughout the series with his face in some hot girls's butt licking her panties and he NEVER failed to disappoint me. The other scenes I liked with Tom was when he did something similar to porn star Monique, and later to a chick named Foxy (no spanking here, though) about a year and half into the series. Anyway, as far as the Cheerleader series goes, I don't watch them anymore, as the chicks are more skankier and the panty shots, while there, are shorter and the chick takes her panties off, too soon.

Anyhow, by 1997 I got into the catfight and German Cherry Poppers movies for one reason and one reason only: to see women get their panties ripped off--again.

By June 1997 I met this woman through a voice-mail dating introduction service and we hit it off rather well. My fetish was, well, more than a little obvious to her. I mean, yeah we had regular sex, but sometime I would have her hike up her skirt and I would masturbate to her butt in tight cotton panties and/or grind up against her butt so that I could get a nut. And man, the orgasms were intense, and I would be soaked with sweat and dizzy with lust. Unfortunately, I only did this maybe 3-4 times with her and then I stopped, because while she never complained about it, I was beginning to feel a little guilty about treating her like a sex toy. So we went back to the plain vanilla sex, which I enjoyed rather well. We got married a month later and divorced a year later and she was history.

Now on a side note, on more than a few occasions, I would resist the urge to masturbate to her soiled panties. She would have a pair rolled up and on the floor while she was in the shower, and I always resisted jacking off on them. My biggest regret was that she was doing laundry and somehow her younger sister's pair of satin flowered size 4-5 panties wound up in our now-clean laundry pile. She had emptied the basket but left her (19 y/o) sister's panties in the basket. I had to resist a very strong urge to swipe those and keep them as a "souvenir". And her sister was in some respects even hotter than my ex. The only downside was that at that time she recently got pregnant.

Well, from 1997 to about 2000 I spent my years jacking off to women in tight fullback panties and looking for videos that featureed women getting their panties ripped off---and for some reason, both items at that time were scarcer than hen's teeth--thongs were all the rage at that time, perhaps even more so now.

By 2001 I was enrolled in graduate school and a lot of my study involved the internet. During that time my fetish went from a panty fetish per se to a macrogynophilia fetish (women who grow and get their clothes ripped off them in the process--again. Most of this time was spent writing similar stories and being very elaborate when it was time for the panties to get ripped off. In some ways this clothes-ripping fetish was what led me to (temporarily) wearing them, lusting after my own butt, then tearing them to shreds off my own body.

I also went though a brief phase of lusting after women on the street who had VPLs. The downtown area was my panty heaven. Having lunch in the (town square), looking at all the business women wearing tight slacks and skirts and zooming in on their VPLs. It was pure torture for me not being able to whip out my johnson and drop a batch or two. But I loved it just the same.

Looking back, the panty-wearing phase was primarily to compensate for my inability to see women in tight panties and/or get them ripped. I would primarily wear Hanes Her Way or FTL white cotton panties or Hanes Her Way nylon panties. This phase lasted only about 9 months.

When I was not ripping them off me, while wearing them I would write panty-fetish stories as well, with the climactic point being me ripping them off of some woman and having sex with them and/or climaxing on their panty-butts.

In March 2003 I finally got the Internet at home, and was exposed to something I have been "denied" for far too long--seeing all sorts of women wearing tight panties and posing in the ways I have always fantasized about.

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