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Have you ever slipped on your wifes panties or your girlfriends panties, they feel good don't they. How about had panty sex while you and your wife are both wearing panties or while you and your girlfriend are both wearing panties. Panty wearing husbands is for all men wearing panties, married panty wearing guys and single panty wearing men. You will be amazed at just how many other men wear panties, and also how many couples wear panties together.

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Title: The Panhandler and My Panties

I'd like to share the first of my adventures with a particular panhandler in my city that took place some years back. First of all, let me say that it's during football season that I wear panties the most. Especially when my team isn't doing very well, as after each loss I wear panties as punishment. Well, one night after my team was soundly beaten in a game, I put on a pair of size 5 (pretty tight) pink nylon bikini panties with pretty lace and three little bows decorating the front of the panties. This particular time I added a white garter belt and white thigh hi stockings as my team lost pretty badly, and it was only fitting. I put my team sweat pants on and went out for a drive to wallow in my humiliation. It was at night, so as I drove I figured what the heck, my team played like panty-wearing sissies and that makes me one too, so I'll just drive around with my sweat pants around my ankles. So there I was driving with my pink panties, white garter belt and white thigh hi stockings exposed. My shirt was held up by my seatbelt so all of my girlie looking lap was clearly visible to any who could look into my car, such as pedestrians crossing near me or buses alongside of me, both of which I did my best to avoid. After a while I decided to head on home, when I spotted a woman panhandling for change at a corner where cars stop at the light and wait to get into the freeway. She had sandy blonde hair, slim but nice figure, and glasses with tape holding them together at the nose bridge. She must have been mid to late twenties in age. She looked a little shabby, but was actually an attractive young lady, as I found out later, but that's another story. Anyway, I thought up a plan to turn on the dome light in my car, stop at her corner, hold up a dollar and maybe, just maybe she would catch a glimpse at my panties. Then I figured no, she would probably scream and slap me across my face and who knows what kind of trouble I can get into. As I drove away I thought to myself "so what? you deserve to be cussed out and maybe slapped! Your team just got whipped and here you are driving around town in panties, a garter belt,and stockings with your pants around your ankles!" With that I drove around the block to go through with it. As I neared her corner, I switched on my dome light after making sure there were no SUVs or trucks nearby, as my lap was not visible to regular cars around me. I stopped at the light, and looked over to my left. She was at another car receiving change from the occupant, and then looked over at me. I held up a dollar in my left hand and she started walking over. I started shaking nervously but kept my composure and held the dollar just at the window of my car, not outside but not inside. She came over to my window, took the dollar and said "Thank you!" I was relieved that nothing crazy happened when she started to turn to leave, but she stopped herself short, took a step closer to my car, and looked in! Although I was nervous, I was watching her eyes closely, and she had them fixed on my exposed panties, garter belt, and stockings for at least a good three seconds! With my dome light on, even the pretty lace and bows on the front of my panties were clear to see! I started to get scared but then she looked back up to my face and said very sweetly "you look very cute!" Then she walked away and I drove off. I couldn't believe I actually went through with it, and it actually turned out great! I went straight home and masturbated several times with the vision of her looking at my panties and saying that I looked very cute. Well, that's how it started, as I have other unbelievable adventures with her which I will share here in the future. Years have past since then, and I think of her every now and then these days, and even pass by that same corner in hopes that one day I will see her again. I sure do miss her.

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